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She, her, hers

“I believe you already have what you need inside of yourself to have a meaningful life, to solve and resolve problems, to be joyful and to be content. As a therapist, my job is to help you access a deep sense of knowing, your own source of creativity and your true nature. I see myself as a facilitator of inner and outer relationship processes.”

Individual psychotherapy has to do with getting to know all parts of yourself – what you have learned, what you have experienced, what you like and dislike about yourself and others, as well as what you know and don’t know about yourself.

Relationship work or therapy is about communication skills, working with accusations, conflict resolution, moods, as well as learning and growing in relationship to self, others and groups.

Group facilitation

is about people coming together to learn about themselves in relationship to their community and the world. I believe group experiences provide learning spaces that can help educate us about:

    • our relationship to the larger community and world issues,
    • how we experience and resolve conflict,
    • how we can get support,
    • how we can see others as ourselves, and
    • how we can increase self awareness.


Using the Process Work paradigm plus 30 years of clinical experience, I provide clinicians with a unique perspective on their work as psychotherapists. 

Process Work is a cross-disciplinary approach that supports individual and collective change. It has roots in Jungian psychology, Taoism, physics and shamanism.

I have found that one of Process Work’s greatest values is that it can be applied to a spectrum of human problems including: everyday concerns, physical symptoms, relationship issues, extreme and altered states, group conflict and social tensions.

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