Sex Positive Counseling

“Submit yourself to the risk of true becoming.”

John O’Donohue
Rami Henrich, LCSW, Diplomate Process-oriented Psychology She, her, hers

Are you having trouble negotiating or living in your relationship?

  • Are you LGBTQ or straight?
  • Are you monogamous, polyamorous or exploring an unconventional relationship?
  • Are you married, living together or living apart?
  • Are you in conflict or feeling distant from your partner(s)?
  • Have you lost the closeness you once had with family members?

I can help you create deep, loving connections to yourself and others, find resolutions to long-standing conflicts, and bring more meaning and appreciation into your relationship life. I support people in clarifying what they want. Sometimes, that means deciding if they should remain in their current relationships and work thru difficulties, separate, divorce or go their separate ways.

Are you feeling sad, unfulfilled, worried or not free to live fully?
Do you dream of a more self-expressed, creative life?
Does fear limit you or the choices you make?

I can help you experience more joy and satisfaction in your everyday life. I support people to identify what is most important to them, find their own voice and resolve inner conflicts. Through dialogue, creative and dreaming processes, movement, observation and awareness, you can experience a reduction in anxiety, depression, stress, tension, worry and fear and an increase in joy, freedom, aliveness and peace.

I offer sex positive counseling.  I am an  L.C.S.W. and a Diplomate in Process Oriented Psychology, as developed by Arnold Mindell, Ph.D. ( and and have a MAPW from the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon.
Contact me to schedule an appointment, 847-568-1100.