Process Work Resources


Here are some great general resource websites about Process Work, Arnold Mindell and Process-oriented Psychology applications:


The following books reflect the many ways that process work theory and methods have been studied and applied to a variety of human problems.

Alternative to Therapy – Amy Mindell
Alzheimer’s Surprise Party – Stan Tomandl & Tom Richards
Angry Men, Angry Women – Gary Reiss
Befriending Conflict – Joe Goodbread
Beyond War and Peace in the Arab Israeli Conflict – Gary Reiss
Changing Ourselves Changing the World – Gary Reiss
City Shadows: Psychological Interventions in Psychiatry – Arny Mindell
Coma A Healing Journey – Amy Mindell
Coma: The Dreambody near Death – Arny Mindell
Craters: Memories of a German Child of War – Elke Frensch
Deep Democracy – Arny Mindell
Deeper Into the Soul – Nader Robert Shabahangi
Dreambody – Arny Mindell
Dreambody in Relationships – Arny Mindell
Dreambody Toolkit – Joe Goodbread
Dreaming Source of Creativity – Amy Mindell
Dreaming While Awake – Arny Mindell
Dream-maker’s Apprentice – Arny Mindell
Earth Based Psychology – Arny Mindell
Inside Coma: A new view of Awareness, Healing, and Hope – Gary Reiss & Pierre Morin
Leader as a Martial Artist – Arny Mindell
Leap Into Living – Gary Reiss
Metaskills – Amy Mindell
Nothing Came From Walking – Conor McKenna
Path Made By Walking – Julie Diamond & Lee Spark Jones
Processmind – Arny Mindell
Quantum Mind – Arny Mindell
Quantum Mind and Healing – Arny Mindell
Radical Intercourse – Joe Goodbread
Riding the Horse Backwards – Arny & Amy Mindell
River’s Way – Arny Mindell
School Violence – Ingrid Rose
Shaman’s Body – Arny Mindell
Sitting in the Fire – Arny Mindell
Soul Lightning – Aminah Raheem, PhD
Speak Out – Dawn Menken
Unintentional Music – Lane Arye
Vital Loving – Gary Reiss
Working on Yourself Alone – Arny Mindell
Working with the Dreaming Body – Arny Mindell

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